See past the dream of beautiful
Reach the stars,
As bright as they are
It pays in time,
To dream that far!

Hold forth the gift of promise
Because in its distance
Hope, specs of faith
This keeps us:
Clinging on to all the wrongs that we feel right
Thinking, perhaps I could be the difference?

The thing is when we think we are being selfless
It is possibly the most selfish we will ever be;
Thinking we are whole enough to change someone
Disregarding who they are as a person.

He loves, he is good at loving
A creature designed to give love–
But his love is not limited to the confines of my being
Or solely preserved for me.

His love is inconsistent
Varied and yes, Sublime
But his love is not my love–
Can never be reciprocated the way,
I need it to be.

His love, as addictive as it is:
Will never be enough.

© 2017 jk.larayne