I’ve heard if you fold your dirty clothes in the laundry basket it actually takes up less space. I tried it a few times, when I was desperately trying to make a build up of unproductive weekends look fashionable since we were having guests over.

I’d like to think if this were to ever become habit, I’d color code them and separate the sheets from towels as well. It really only makes sense to me that way.

To an extent, most may say when I want to, I would say when I’m able, I can be organized. I like to jot down things, make lists, scribble ideas of how I plan to take over the World but unfortunately most times these things are just for disposal, to make room in my mind for looping exchange between daydreaming and self-loathing.

19 days into 2017 and I’m still waiting for the New Year. I thinking I may celebrate the Chinese New Year this year, January 28th; perhaps my senses will experience a form of revival by then.

As of now, I feel tired, worn and useless. I know it’s just a day, sleep may help ease the fractures my mind chooses to make, these last few hours.

This, too, shall pass.