ruin is beauty



One of my favorite line of lyrics is in the song, “Give a Little Love” by Noah and the Whale. The part that moves my heart, goes like this, “Well, if you are, what you love and you do, what you love. I will always be the Sun and Moon to you. And if you share with your heart, yeah you give, with your heart. What you share with the world is what it keeps of you.”

I have always questioned what my purpose in life was and being a person who isn’t particularly excellent at any one thing; barely good at a collective few, I’ve been running in circles to say the least. There is one thing though, that has been a consistent love and comfort to me and that is writing. This love swirls in my chest, as of lately, unsettled as if wanting to get out, like it’s trying to say “I’m meant for more than you”.

So, I’m not sure if it’s any good or if you’ll like it, but I want to share what I love, what I feel and as a result who I am.

Join me on this long awaited journey to self love and acceptance, cheers to the journey of trying; even though we fight back tears due to anxiety at just the thought of making that first step.

Take my hand, be my friend and let’s have cheese sandwiches together. 🙂

Thank you, always in all ways,

Judi-Kay LaRayne Durand